Chopta is an absolute destination and a hill station which can be visited round the year. If you wish to visit the sacred Tungnath Temple then visit from April to November, otherwise you find the temple closed. Best time to to travel to Chopta is in Summers (April – June) and Winters (Oct – Dec). Travellers interested in snow fall or want to experience snow trekking in Chopta then Jan to March are the best months.

Chopta Weather

Chopta in Summers: The weather of Chopta remains salubrious and pleasing during summers. The Himalayas are distinctly visible and the cool breeze adds charm to the vacation. Carry light woollens with you.

Chopta in Monsoons: The greenery of Chopta welcomes the tourist to get lost into the wilderness of nature. Enjoy the sip of tea, gazing at the snow capped peaks at Chopta during monsoons. There are chances of getting roads blocked for a couple of hours due to landslides but the scenic beauty of Chopta during monsoons is worth taking the risk. Do carry raincoats.

Chopta in Winters: Serenity and solitude are at its best during winters at Chopta. The region is blessed with snowfall during winters and the accommodation options also remain few. But you can see the best of Chopta during winters as it looks like mini Switzerland during winters. Winters are freezing at Chopta so do carry heavy woolens.



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    Posted by dev| October 5, 2018 |Reply

    Hi , we are planning to travel in Dussehra weekend, is it anything special celebration or arrangement by localized,
    and what’s about weather, please inform
    Thanks in Advance.

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    Posted by Anand Raj| September 30, 2018 |Reply

    Hey can I find snow in mid December in tungnath or chopta or at chandrashila peak? Any idea? Is there any accomodation available at tungnath ?

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    Posted by Gaurav Parikh| September 26, 2018 |Reply


    We are planning to visit during December END and we have two kinds of 4 years age. Is it safe and all places will be accessable during snow????

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      Posted by Chopta Tourism| September 27, 2018 |Reply

      It is safe place, but do carry enough warm clothes, baby food and general medications for kids.

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    Posted by rajendra| September 26, 2018 |Reply

    hi , planning to visit chopta in december , i am 59 yers old and going for bird photography , is it ok time to visit ?

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    Posted by Amit negi| September 26, 2018 |Reply

    Hi, we are planning to visit this weekend. just wanted to make sure that there is no landsliding or rain issue in chopta and on the way.

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      Posted by Chopta Tourism| September 27, 2018 |Reply

      It is completely fine now, rains have stopped and no land slide news in the last few days.

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    Posted by Amit Sharma| September 25, 2018 |Reply

    Hi I m from delhi willing to come chopta and wants to trek tunganath and then chandrasheela in the last week of November with my friends. We are planning to come in our own car.
    Is there a chance we get snow fall there?? Also kindly tell me if we get accommodation there easily?? Also tell me the challenges we may face there..

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    Posted by Harika T| September 24, 2018 |Reply

    hi we are planning to visit in 3rd week of Feb 2019 along with a 3.5 year old kid.Will she be able to sustain the cold and can she do the trek to tungnath?

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      Posted by Chopta Tourism| September 24, 2018 |Reply

      Hi Harika, It will be snow all around and yes very cold during evening and night. Do carry enough woollens, baby foood, baby milk and general medicines. It is completely safe for kids. For trekking, you will have to hire porter to carry her.

      Also sometimes due to hard and melting ice, it becomes difficult for adults as well to trek in some areas.

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        Posted by Meghs| September 25, 2018 |Reply


        Tungnath Temple will be open in september end and starting of Oct Month? please advise

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          Posted by Chopta Tourism| September 27, 2018 |Reply

          Yes it will open till October

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    Posted by Swati| September 11, 2018 |Reply

    Hi… Me and my husband along with my 2 years old son are planning to visit chopta in September last. Is this good time to travel. Is this safe for kid of 2 years old ? What’s about trekking with kid ? Please guide.

    • avatar
      Posted by Chopta Tourism| September 17, 2018 |Reply

      Yes.. It is good time. There will be almost no chances of rainfall. Yes 2 years old easily stay in Chopta.
      Note: Do make sure you get baby food, milk powders, diapers, basic medicines for baby. As there are no shops in entire chopta region. The nearest market is at 30 kms from Chopta i.e. Ukhimath.

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    Posted by Sayan Kundu| July 31, 2018 |Reply

    I wish to visit chopta &tunganath between Jan and March. What is tge best time to see snow in Chopta.

    Sayan Kundu

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    Posted by shanu| July 14, 2018 |Reply

    We are planning to visit chopta on 15th august & then way to Tungnath from there. Is it safe to come in august in monsoon time? Till where car goes or is there any direct bus from rishikesh to chopta? Where can we get snowfall there?

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      Posted by chopta| August 6, 2018 |Reply

      It is safe, however as its monsoons, the journey will not be as smooth as you get during other parts of the year.

      There is no direct bus to Chopta from Rishikesh.

      For Snowfall January to March is the best time.

      More Frequently asked questions:

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    Posted by Rahul Prakash| June 27, 2018 |Reply


    We are planning to drive to Chopta from Noida and stay there for 3 nights in the second week of August this year. Can you please help us to know if this is safe to travel to Chopta in this month? Secondly can we drive to Chopta on our own by small car like Hyundai EON. Kindly advice.


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    Posted by Udit| June 25, 2018 |Reply

    we are a group of 8 people, willing to travel in august to chopta. Is it advisable to visit chopta in the monsoons .
    please revert

  13. avatar
    Posted by Pankaj Singh| June 21, 2018 |Reply

    We Are 4 Couple’s
    We Want Camping In Chopta With Snowfall

    Kindly Share When We Come ??

  14. avatar
    Posted by Kamal| June 14, 2018 |Reply

    We are a group of 6 planning to visit chopta for treck in July first week . We are planning for 5 days and 5 nights from Delhi to Uttarakhand round trip on the way we are plainning to visit mussorie and Rishikesh day each and reach choptha . Is It a right time to visit as many of them are warning me for land slides to occur and treck won’t happen in July first week? Is the news correct so that we can plan accordingly. Thanks in advance.

  15. avatar
    Posted by Kamal| June 14, 2018 |Reply

    We are a group of 6 planning to visit chopta for treck in July first week . Is It a right time to visit as many of them are warning me for land slides to occur and treck won’t happen in July first week. Is the news correct so that we can plan accordingly. Thanks in advance.

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    Posted by Nimisha| May 20, 2018 |Reply

    Me n my husband along with our 1 year old are planning a few days trip to chopta this week.
    Is it doable with the kid? Is it going to be cold for the child?

    • avatar
      Posted by pankaj| June 16, 2018 |Reply

      no its not so cold but keep warm clothes as weather is continuously changing in chopta.

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    Posted by Sachin mane| May 14, 2018 |Reply

    Hi, my name is sachin and i m from mumbai want to visit chopta with my family including my 6year old kid..want to know the best hotel to stay and want to know is it only for trecking or u can have a relax stay for 3 to 4 days..and even let me know any contact who will guide me..

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    Posted by| May 5, 2018 |Reply

    I am at citizen willing to visit chopta in May and June I am heart patient advise

  19. avatar
    Posted by Gourav dadriya| May 2, 2018 |Reply

    We are 7 friends and want to visit chopta on 13 May around, I have one question if we will trek early morning to tungnath, so how will weather in morning

  20. avatar
    Posted by Harshita| March 23, 2018 |Reply

    Hi can u please tell me is coming 29th March will be the right time to visit here and nearby places. Kindly revert on my email id.

  21. avatar
    Posted by Krupal Rajgor| March 19, 2018 |Reply

    We want to visit Chopta in MAY with my family we are 3 person (Two Adult and one 4 year old KID) .so it is GOOD place or only for tracking? Which places we cover in this tour?? we ahve total 5 days .Please advice me so we can plan accordingly.

    • avatar
      Posted by chopta| April 16, 2018 |Reply

      Yes, it is good time to visit Chopta. You can cover Tungnath and Chandrashilla trek. You can also do the trek of Devariyatal.

  22. avatar
    Posted by sheetal pawar| March 3, 2018 |Reply

    can we find snow there in mid April?

  23. avatar
    Posted by Saurav Tuteja| February 16, 2018 |Reply

    We a group of 5 are planning to visit chopta on 21 st feb 2018. So are there any chances that we will find snow there?
    And what are other places nearby where we can spend 3-4 days?

  24. avatar
    Posted by Vivek Bose| February 14, 2018 |Reply

    Is it worth to visit chopta deoritaal tunganath chandrasil in late Feb 2018? How will be the weather?

  25. avatar
    Posted by Vishal| February 5, 2018 |Reply

    I’m planning to visit Chopta during 13th Feb to 17th Feb with friends.
    So, Is that good time to visit?

  26. avatar
    Posted by chamarthi Phanikumar| January 31, 2018 |Reply

    Iam planning to visit Chopta in Feb 1st week. Whether we will be able to see snow fall?

  27. avatar
    Posted by Ananth Ramaswamy| January 7, 2018 |Reply

    I am planning to visit Chopta Jan 20th night and Jan 21st night with a hike up to Tunganath and if possible, Chandrashila peak on Jan 21st. Please advice. How heavu is snowfall this year and is trek possible?


  28. avatar
    Posted by Ajay| January 5, 2018 |Reply

    I would like to visit Tungnath and want to stay there for one week for preyers. Is it possible to get some details about the temple ? Or is there any facility beside temple for lodging and boarding? I would like to visit after the temple reopens in 2018 and i don’t know the opening dates as well…. your help would be much appreciated. Thanks and Regards.

  29. avatar
    Posted by sachin katiyar| December 30, 2017 |Reply

    hello sir we are 4 adult are planning to visit chopta in between 10 jan to 15 jan 2018. i need some information regarding chopta’s wheathe and about snowfall. actually we have to see snow so is this time good for this and what should we carry for safety . and will the roads be opened during this time . will i be able to see snow . please reply as soon as possible thankyou sir ..

  30. avatar
    Posted by SURYA| December 29, 2017 |Reply

    Can i stay a night at chandrashila peak in a tent.And is it safe or not.

  31. avatar
    Posted by Brijesh| December 26, 2017 |Reply

    Hello, Feburary end and march 1st week is better for coming chopta with couple ? And hwz is accomodation and food ?

  32. avatar
    Posted by Vatsala Mahajan| December 25, 2017 |Reply

    We are four friends planning to visit chopta 26th Jan to 28th Jan 2018. Any suggestions for stay and other things?

  33. avatar
    Posted by Sukhbir| December 22, 2017 |Reply

    Is there snowfall in end of december in any of chintan , tunganath or chandershila.

  34. avatar
    Posted by Gaurav Agarwal| December 10, 2017 |Reply

    I am planning to visit chopta from 12-14 Jan, whether roads will be opened for reaching there? Also pls suggest for accommodations at that time? Whether we will be able to go Tungnath temple ?

    • avatar
      Posted by Namrata fernendes| January 9, 2018 |Reply

      Yes sir the roads are totally open. As the last snow fall was on 11 December,after that yet there is no Snow. Ya please carry the warmers as the climate there is to cold. And if u require a stay can visit my cafe n rest. What’s located at chopta baniyakund. By the name of Shivansh cafe &Resto.

  35. avatar
    Posted by Ankit| December 9, 2017 |Reply

    Hello Chopta,

    I am planning a 3 days camping at chopta, starting point from Haridwar. please send a day wise plan & facilities you can provide including transportation in min. budget. I am looking to join a group camping activity.

  36. avatar
    Posted by Meer| November 30, 2017 |Reply

    Is there posible to go chopta with bike on December ???

  37. avatar
    Posted by Sohan Choudhuri| November 8, 2017 |Reply

    Hello team,
    Looking to visit Chopta from Delhi starting on 24th January,2018 for about 3 nights. Kindly provide a detailed trip schedule for the same and estimated cost.

  38. avatar
    Posted by AMIT KUMAR PODDER| November 3, 2017 |Reply

    We are five adult plan to visit at chopta on 29th dec 17 and leave 30th dec 17, kindly inform the best hotels at chopta with budget..

    • avatar
      Posted by Pristine Peaks Eco Camp| November 30, 2017 |Reply

      Hello, if you are planning to visit Chopta do visit Pristine Peaks Eco Camp. We look forward to host you along with your guests to give you an experience, Himalayan way :)

      • avatar
        Posted by Tushar| December 15, 2017 |Reply


        I am planning to visit chopta on 28th dec.. can you please share your contact details over this mail id.

      • avatar
        Posted by Lokesh pamnani| December 26, 2017 |Reply

        Sir i am just planning to visit chopta on 28 dec so sir please contact me.

  39. avatar
    Posted by vaibhav| October 26, 2017 |Reply

    chopta on new year eve recommended? please suggest about the track of tungnath and places to visit around it.

    • avatar
      Posted by Pristine Peaks Eco Camp| November 30, 2017 |Reply

      Hello, if you are planning to visit Chopta do visit Pristine Peaks Eco Camp. We look forward to host you along with your guests to give you an experience, Himalayan way :)

  40. avatar
    Posted by Adish| October 20, 2017 |Reply

    We are 4 people planning to visit Chopta, tungnath and chandrashila in December. Please let me know how can you help me in this including hotel and treaking and how many days will it take for whole treking. You can contact me at

  41. avatar
    Posted by Megha Tajpuriya| October 16, 2017 |Reply

    Hi we are visiting chopta On December 19-21 this year in 2017. Are there any chances of snow during that time???? Please let me know..

    • avatar
      Posted by Pristine Peaks Eco Camp| November 30, 2017 |Reply

      Hello, yes you can find snow in that period, if you are planning to visit Chopta do visit Pristine Peaks Eco Camp. We look forward to host you along with your guests to give you an experience, Himalayan way :)

  42. avatar
    Posted by| September 23, 2017 |Reply

    We are 2 family total 7 members in which 3 children’s and plan for visit chopta and tungnath temple after this Diwali means in Oct 2017 from Haridwar . Pl. Suggest the rate of hotels and about dress a that time

  43. avatar
    Posted by Suparna Dey sarkar| September 22, 2017 |Reply

    Is it safe for 3yrs old child to take tunganath and chandrashila??

  44. avatar
    Posted by S Das| September 10, 2017 |Reply

    Hi..I am interested deoriatal Chopta-tugunath-chandrashila trekking in March. Is it best time to visit this place? Pls. guide me.

  45. avatar
    Posted by Kaushik Ghoshal| September 4, 2017 |Reply

    I am planning to visit chopta by the end of Dec 2017. Wish to know upto which distance cars can reach if there is a snowfall in general. Is it dugalbitta or far before that? In that case how long we have to trek to reach chopta? 2 children are there in our group, so a long trek on snow will be bit difficult for them.

  46. avatar
    Posted by Suman samanta| September 1, 2017 |Reply

    Is there any chance of getting snow in chandrashila during the 2nd week of november ??

  47. avatar
    Posted by Panwar| August 12, 2017 |Reply

    Hi plz tell me, is there any parking facility in Shari village??? I am planning to visit to Chopta

  48. avatar
    Posted by Mallu| August 7, 2017 |Reply

    Hello Sir, I am planning solo trip to Tungnath chandrashila in 1st week of October but m afraid of Rainfall/ landslide… pl give suggestions… it would be better if I get solution/suggestion thru mail: mallu2403@gmail

  49. avatar
    Posted by Tamalika Bhattacharjee Kundu| August 5, 2017 |Reply

    can I get snow in December in Chopta?? plz suggest..

  50. avatar
    Posted by gopa| July 28, 2017 |Reply

    how about visiting chopta during January?

  51. avatar
    Posted by Akshya Khandelwal| July 19, 2017 |Reply

    I’ve heard there are high chances of Land slide in August, is it true? because i’m planning to visit from 12th Aug to 15th Aug.

    I’ve not seen any one who is saying yes for August? what to do?

    • avatar
      Posted by chopta| July 21, 2017 |Reply

      August is fine and most of the itinerary is sold out.. also Valley of flowers is at much higher location in the same region is completed packed during August. Every season has its charm in Chopta, roads are in good condition as compared to 3-4 years back.

  52. avatar
    Posted by Aniket Banerjee| July 17, 2017 |Reply

    Hello Sir,
    Is there chance to get snowfall near chandrashila peak as we plan to travel at 13th November this year and can we stay one night at tungnath?

    • avatar
      Posted by chopta| July 21, 2017 |Reply

      Very less chances… after 20th Dec the chances are higher for snowfall.

  53. avatar
    Posted by Nishant Shrivastava| July 16, 2017 |Reply

    Is it good time to tarvel from Delhi to Chopta in mid August in my car (EcoSport) with family including a Kid?
    Also suggest good staying option with estimated prices. Thanks

  54. avatar
    Posted by Kajal| July 8, 2017 |Reply

    Hi sir..we are 30 adults (college students + teachers), we want to visit chopta in first week of october. Can you give us the idea about the weather at day/night time and if snowfall is expected as well as about the accomodation facilities. What would be the expected budget to stay for 4 days/3 nights for 30 people. Please reply asap, very urgent

    • avatar
      Posted by chopta| July 17, 2017 |Reply

      Hi Kajal,
      Snowfall will not be there in October, but you can see Himalayan peaks from Chopta. I have forwarded your query to our travel department, they will get in touch with you.
      Team chopta

  55. avatar
    Posted by Seema| June 14, 2017 |Reply

    Hi I would like to visit Chopta. Could you please suggest me which month will be best . I’m a nature lover.

    • avatar
      Posted by chopta| July 17, 2017 |Reply

      Best months to visit Chopta are: Jan, Feb, Mar, April, May, June, September, October, November and December

    • avatar
      Posted by Ravinder Singh| September 12, 2017 |Reply

      Hello Seema Ji

      I am Ravinder Singh from Delhi and I visit Chopta every year during the months May, June & September, October which is the best time to visit there. I am a nature’s lover and love this place because of its scenic beauty n very less crowded. It is also very friendly to ur pocket so I advise u to visit during the months mentioned above. I am also going there the day after tomorrow with my friend.

  56. avatar
    Posted by Rajat swami| June 13, 2017 |Reply

    hi I am planning to visit in august, kindly advice options you have.
    We are interested in adventure sports and camping too so do share the best.

  57. avatar
    Posted by S. Roy Chowdhury| June 4, 2017 |Reply

    I am planning to visit Chopta during 10th June to 15th June with my wife and a friend. I am around 60 yrs old & my friend around 58. We are planning to drive our car frm Delhi. Advice about the road & availability of room for stay.

  58. avatar
    Posted by Moulshree| May 27, 2017 |Reply

    I need to know whether it is good to visit chopta in the month of june?

    • avatar
      Posted by chopta| July 17, 2017 |Reply

      Yes, June is a good month to visit Chopta and surrounding areas.

  59. avatar
    Posted by Kunal| May 18, 2017 |Reply

    Hi, we are a group of 4-5 people from Delhi planning to visit Chopta towards the end of May.
    Could you kindly suggest whether the roads/terrain etc are suitable for us to come on motorbikes?

  60. avatar
    Posted by Nandhithaa Shanbbhag| April 17, 2017 |Reply

    Hi…I am interested in traveling to Chopta during June with my family from Mumbai. Please send me an estimate of the travel details, the best stay options and their cost etc.

  61. avatar
    Posted by L.N.VASUDEVA RAO| April 5, 2017 |Reply

    I was looking up for info on Uttaranchal tourist spots/places which are beautiful and at the same time less crowded. I am 66 and my wife is 60 years of age, residents of Mysore. I chanced to see Chopta coverage and wish to spend a couple of days. As a retired person I need guidance regarding the duration, cost and safety of sty and travel.
    I plan to cover Kumaon area and cover Almora,Nainital, Champavat,Pithorgarh,, Chamoli.
    I may want to spend about 20 days in all in Uttarakhand before returning to Mysore via Bangalore.
    Please see if you can guide me

  62. avatar
    Posted by Darshak Trivedi| February 28, 2017 |Reply

    Hi. I am planning to visit Chopta in the month of may. Since I am going to be traveling with Family, I am unable to decide if i should visit or skip chopta as many people say that one will need to track for the views for Tungnath Temple, Chandrashila, Deoriatal. Please provide your valueable input. My mother and father are 59 years of age and Me and my wife are at 30.

    • avatar
      Posted by chopta| April 22, 2017 |Reply

      Hi Darshak,

      Choptak is a beautiful hill station, which everyone would love to visit. Regarding trek, it is one of the easiest treks with well built pavement, porters and mules are easily available if there is any difficulty or for old age people. Let us know if you have any more queries.

      • avatar
        Posted by Sahil| August 14, 2017 |Reply

        We are group of 5 friends from chandigarh and we are planning to visit chopta in august 22nd so is it safe And open? Please do let me know my email is

  63. avatar
    Posted by vinay| February 22, 2017 |Reply

    Planning to visit in March end with family ,please advise

  64. avatar
    Posted by Bijal Chandaria| February 3, 2017 |Reply

    We are 9 adults and 1 child planning to travel to Chopra in May. The preferable dates are from 17th May. we are looking for a good itenary for around 10-12 days. Kindly note my email Id thanking you

  65. avatar
    Posted by pankaj| January 1, 2017 |Reply

    Dear sir,

    Please share chep & best hotal in main market chopta

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