Movie Shooting in Chopta

The location of a movie is not merely used as a backdrop but used to capture the overall theme of the movie. It acts as an important aspect in setting the ambience of the movie along with the actors, scripts, direction, and music.

In that sense, the visual appeal of Chopta offering a fresh perspective of Himalayas up close and the lush greenery that surrounds it makes it an ideal location for movie shooting. The natural beauty of the valley won’t fail to shine through the movie.

Why you should pick Chopta for movie shooting

There are many unique things that Chopta offers for people looking for new and refreshing destinations.

  • Mesmerizing location of Chopta
    The snow-clad mountains, tall alpine forests, lush green meadows, attractive road turns, and enchanting valleys are the essence of Chopta. Away from the city life, Chopta is ideal for an undisturbed movie shooting showcasing a heart-touching love story, a road movie, or an adventure movie.
  • Rich village culture
    Set at an elevation of 2,680 m, Chopta is inhabited by the local people of Uttarakhand. There are many beautiful villages nearby Chopta like Sari Village, Makkumath, Ukhimath and Mandal Village where you will find traditional houses and people dressed in their traditional dresses. The lifestyle of the people and the village life is an important aspect of Chopta Region.
  • Ease of Permission and Local Support
    One can get permission easily and there is a tremendous support from local people as well. Just keep the location clean once shooting is over in Chopta.

List of Prominent movies shot in Chopta Region

Apart from many songs, single tracks and music albums shot in Chopta, there are few movies which are majorly shot in Chopta Region. Apart from movies, many documentary are also shot in the region.

The famous Gujarati movie “Chaal Jeevi Laiye” (2019) has been shot at Chopta. Also “Kedarnath” movie directed by Abhishek Kapoor was also shot in Chopta.

If you want to shoot movie, songs, documentary in Chopta Region, Deoriatal region then do let us know.

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