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  1. Krishan Kumar ojha:

    I will plan my trip on mid of October.

  2. Chhavi:

    Hi! I would like to book 2 slots in the Sept between Sept 21 – 28 – Do you have anything available? Can you please email

  3. prasanta Kundu:

    I like to visit Hrishikesh – Yamunetri- Gangotri – Chopta – Auli – Badrinath – haridwar

  4. Zankhesh Jain:

    What is the best time to visit this place? please give detail about the night stay for all the days.

  5. Mishank Gala:

    I am planning to visit Auli in Feb 2020 and found that I can cover Chopta enroute to Auli from Haridwar.
    I wanted to enquire about the accommodation in snow covered tent stay in Chopta and the trekking and also want to enquire about how can I reach from Haridwar to Chopta and then how can I reach Auli from Chopta.
    Waiting for you prompt reply. Also please call me on the below mentioned phone number to discuss in detail.

  6. Nirmal Dev:

    Dear sir,
    We 4 members of family planning for panch kedar during June 2020. Kindly let me know the minimum days required and taxi charges to enable us to finalise the tour program.

    Nirmal Dev


    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I was planning for coming to chopta by public transport. I do not have own vehicle. I would start my journey from delhi. please guide me what I have to do and what is the nearest point of chopta. how much total expense will be on total tour.

  8. Dinesh Gosain:

    We are 5 person coming chopta on 5 th October 2019, We need stay and food with bonfire at night.


  9. Gaurav:

    Can I do solo camping in deoria tak with a guide?

  10. chopta:

    Yes you can do solo camping and trekking with guide in Deoriatal. Many foreigners and now Indians are also preferring solo trek to Deoriatal as well.

  11. Shubham kumar:

    I love to trek tungnath. Such it is very difficult to trek in Uttarakhand.

  12. chopta:

    It is an easy trek during summers and post monsoon months. During winters when snow is all around then trek becomes moderately tough.

  13. chandrakant:

    Can you arrange guide for monal and other birds viewing ?

  14. Sagar:

    we(me & my wife) would like to do rock climbing & Rappelling

  15. Shijo:

    Easy way to reach thunganath from badrinath?
    (Using Public transport or shared taxis )

  16. Jyotika:

    can kids of 8 yrs do the chopta trek??


    yes, it’s the easy to track.


    We,group of 6 people are planning to go on a trekking from 25th Dec to 27th Dec .Can You please contact us or leave a number where we can reach you.

  19. Gourav Shirotria:

    I was thinking about going to 2nd November and I would like to see Tungnath temple It’s Open or not that time ?

  20. Aman Rawat:

    hello we are a group of 4 plaaning to visit deoriatal on 13th November 2019. contact me with quotes/itinary.

  21. Utkarsh:

    We are planning a trip starting from Friday night till Sunday night, so is this plan flexible so that we can check in to the hotel Saturday morning itself.

  22. reeti sharma:

    Planning to visit from Delhi, in Dec. second half. Wanted to check if roads are fine and what are the chances to enjoy snowfall

  23. Manish:

    Family tour of chopta

  24. Bhautik Chauhan:

    we are planing to Visit chopta on 29 to 31 st Dec

  25. ankit:

    i want to know complete package of chopta pakage ….starting from noida to chopta bus cost and also hotels booking at chopta…..

  26. Karan Verma:

    Can we see snow right now?

  27. Raju:

    Need for 1 person from 19 th December

  28. Chetan:

    We are 3 people coming in to visit on 28th. Any room with 3 beds/carpet will suffice for us to stay. We would need the room for 2 days

  29. arjun:

    Is this right time to go chopta for family trip.


    I want a booking for 31st december 2019..1 room 2 Adults

  31. shivi:

    how to reach chopta from deoriatal and then how to reach rishikesh from chopta

  32. shivi:

    how to reach deoriatal from chopta

  33. chopta:

    You can either do trekking via Rohini Bugyal (during summers and autumn season) to reach Chopta. Or you can trek down to Sari Village and then drive to reach Chopta.

  34. Sejal:

    I like to visit Hrishikesh – Yamunetri- Gangotri – Chopta – Auli – Badrinath – haridwar

  35. bheem singh:

    is chopta tracking open these days?

  36. chopta:

    No, it is closed till 31 March

  37. Dipisha Chauhan:

    Is chopta open for trekking now.? In the end of October?

  38. chopta:

    Yes, now Chopta is open for tourists and trekkers.


    can we travel in january 2021 ?

  40. chopta:

    Yes, you can easily travel to Chopta. It will be good time to visit if you want snow.

  41. Saeed Ahmed Khan:

    Hello, I’m planning a trip to Chopta in late December this year from Dehradun or Nainital through rented bike. I wanna know about the road conditions and the minimum temperature in Chopta.
    Also, I wanna know about the essential commodities that i have to carry.

  42. Gopy Sekha:

    Skiing place in chopta ?

  43. chopta:

    This year there is no skiing activity in Chopta. For skiing you can check Auli.

  44. Jyothi:

    What is the best time for star gazing in Chopta?

  45. chopta:

    Hello Jyothi ji,
    Best time for Star Gazing in Chopta is in March, April, October November months, when sky is clear.. almost no haze and less chances for rain.

  46. Gaurav joshi:

    Ranikhet is Heaven and Chopta is nearer to Ranikhet that’s also convey the beauty of Ranikhet as a Starting point to Chopta……….

  47. RANADHEER 9440871358:

    From Haridwar to ukhimath, Deoria tal, Chandrashilla, Tunganth.

  48. Tarun Chahal:

    Is it safe to go chopta in august i.e. during monsoon .Is there any risk of casualties due to landslides??


    Dear sir,
    Isit safe for old people to travel and stay at Chopta?

  50. Sujay kumar mukhopadhyay:

    What about toilets?

  51. Nmam:

    Is the temple open for Darshan for visitors outside the state.

  52. Pritam:

    Can you please contact us? We are planning chopta tunganath trk on 25th Sep


    Is it safe for aged people above 75 years?

  54. Shubham Butola:

    If you are aged then you must avoid the treks…. maybe you face problems in the heights
    But you can visit to chopta because chopta is easily accessible through road… but the trek to Tungnath from chopta is little tough for aged people to trek on

  55. Sonu:

    In March 2022 chopta open???

  56. Anuradha Barman:

    I am a yoga instructor looking to combine yoga & travel. Pls connect back via mail. Regards

  57. Nilesh dalal:

    Hi please give price for chopta with rafting 5 night package for 6 pax or 15 pax

  58. pranay kumar:

    can we stay night camp in deoria tal without prebooking from websites ?
    i mean without any guide can we stay there in night ?


    Good information ❤️😍👍

  60. Nirmal Mukhopadhyay:

    Very useful

  61. Ajay Agrawal:

    Very informative

  62. Gangwar kuldeep:

    At what place and at what time we can get bus from haridwar to Ukhimath???

  63. Chandan Sharma:

    Nice place, Har Har Mahadev

  64. Radhakrishna Das:

    Beautifully knowledgeable well written.

  65. joy nath nandy:

    can I stay in the wildlife century in Chopta, how? booking details, please

  66. Kuldeep:

    तुंगनाथ 2022 मंदिर बंद होने की तिथि

  67. Archana:

    Is the Chopta and Tungnath treks difficult? Though the answer may differ from person to person, both of these treks are considered moderate in difficulty. These treks are suitable for anyone who is reasonably fit. Furthermore, because these treks are mostly uphill, they can be completed at a leisurely pace.
    The Chopta and Tungnath treks are both technically easy. They do not require any prior mountaineering or rock climbing experience. The treks, however, necessitate a certain level of fitness. The Chopta Trek takes three days to complete, whereas the Tungnath Trek takes only one day.

  68. Munish Sharma:

    I am planing a solo trip by car to Chopta via Joshimath from Noida. I nned guidance regarding the road conditions, route to follow and stops, so i can plan the bookings accordingly. Also what kind of provisions are must. Thanks

  69. Narendra Bhargav:

    Please what’s is the min cost of this trip

  70. Rohit Awasthi:

    I am planning alone for this trip. Please contact me

  71. Vipin Chaudhary:

    I want to book a trip from Delhi to chopta

  72. sarvesh mehta:

    Please make 5 days package for Chopta with Trekking and Auli
    4 adult and 1 kid
    Start date – 20/06/23
    End date – 25/06/23

  73. Afshan:

    I with the group of 4 people are planning this trip in the month of it right

  74. Deepak:

    Group booking for 15 pax

  75. Palak batra:

    Please give me details m not able to reach out to you

  76. usha:

    does Chopta have orange rhododendrons?

  77. Bhanu Mati Doshi:

    Is there snow near 20th april

  78. Arun Daniel:

    is there any requirement of woolen cloths in the month of May ?

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