Rhododendron – Altitude Marker in Chopta

Chopta region is full of Rhododendron Forest which starts from Sari Village to Duggalbitta to Baniyakund to Chopta to Tungnath. The characteristic of Rhododendron trees is such that it changes its size and colour of flowers according to the altitude.

The flowering period is from February to April

(early in lower altitudes and then the blooming gradually move upwards)

About Rhododendron (Burans)

The Rhododendron name comes from the greek words “rodon” which means “rose” and “dendron” which means “tree”, hence Rose Tree.

Some Facts about Rhododendron

  • Found at altitude of 1200 mts to 3500 mts
  • In Uttarakhand it is popularly known as “Buransh
  • State Tree of Uttarakhand
  • Rhododendron is the national flower of Nepal
  • State flower of Sikkim, Nagaland in India.
  • State flower of West Virginia and Washington in United States
  • Flowers with white, pink, red, or purple blooms.
  • The flower has high medicinal value.

Rhododendron Flowers with Altitude

Scientific Name R Arboreum
Flower Colour Red
Altitude 1200 – 2700 mts
Areas Baniyakund, Duggalbitta, Makkumath, Mastura, Deoriatal
Features Tree rhododendron also known as Burans or Laligurans or simply Gurans in Nepali It is an evergreen tree with a showy display of bright red flowers.

Scientific Name R. Barbetum and Campanulatum
Flower Colour Pink, White-Blue, Ligh Purple
Altitude 2600 – 3300 mts
Areas Chopta, Chopta-Tungnath Trail
Features Shrub with leaves brownish hairy beneath and white flowers spotted with purple inside, White-blue or light purple flowers with difference of altitude.

Scientific Name R. Anthopogon
Flower Colour White
Altitude 3000 – 4800 mts
Areas Tungnath
Features Smallest of rhododendrons, grows in 2 to 3 feet high shrubs. The white or light yellow flowers, tinged with pink, grow in small compact clusters of 4-6 and each flower is 2 cm across.

Some Pictures of Rhododendron Flower in Chopta Region

Rhododendron Flower Tree in Chopta Region
Rhododendron Tree in full boom in Chopta
Burans Flower in Chopta
Bright Pink Burans Flower
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