Rock Climbing & Rappelling in Chopta

Rock climbing involves climbing up and across the rock formations and reaching the end point, i.e. the summit. Rappelling involves descending down on a rock face using a rope.

Why is Chopta an ideal choice for rock climbing & rappelling?

The natural rocks in Chopta near Duggalbitta provides a perfect opportunity for adventure enthusiasts interested in rock climbing and rappelling. Whether you are an amateur looking to try your hands at rock climbing/rappelling or an expert looking for challenging trails, Chopta caters to all your needs.

Besides, you can also learn rock climbing and rappelling if you are interested in it. You will be taught the basics of rock climbing and exercises to improve your endurance, agility, and mental control.

Rock Climbing and Rappelling Charges in Chopta

Generally, the charges are Rs 300 per person for single activity for the minimum group of 15 persons. Below that number rock climbing and rappelling activity is not possible due to overhead charges.

If you are coming in a group or want a personalized rock climbing tour then do enquire at the earliest.

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4 years ago

we(me & my wife) would like to do rock climbing & Rappelling

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