Deoria Tal or Devariya Tal is a pristine lake located near Chopta. A 3km uphill trek from Sari village (which is connected through a motorable road) takes you to this heavenly place offering tranquility and a panoramic view of the Himalayan peaks including Chaukhamba, Nilkantha, Bandarpunch, Kedar Range and Kalanag.


Deoriatal near Sari Village, Chopta

Reflection of Himalayan peaks in Deoriatal

Devariya Tal is situated an an astounding altitude of 2300mts above sea leave and surrounded with thick forest on one side and towering Himalayas on the other. You can camp overnight at Deorital and also walk through the jungle treks. There are a couple of shops which sell tea and snacks, but they close at sundown.

Mythological stories narrate this place as the spot where the Pandavas were asked questions by Yaksha.

Deoriatal in the month of May

Sari Village near Chopta. The trek to Devariya Tal begins here



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    Posted by VIKAS| March 7, 2017 |Reply


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    Posted by Avirup Mitra| April 14, 2017 |Reply

    Is there any mule or horse available from Sari village to Deoria Tal ?

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      Posted by chopta| April 22, 2017 |Reply

      Yes, you can easily get mules from Sari Village to Deoriyatal.

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